Refractory Brick

Refractory Brick

At BST, we are manufacturer of  Fireclay & High Alumina brick.  Fireclay bricks mainly contain less than 45% Alumina content while High Alumina bricks contain more than 45% Alumina.


  • Alumina content in fireclay bricks approximately 28-45% are classified to Medium-duty Fireclay Brick and super-duty fireclay brick
  • Alumina content in fireclay bricks between about 10-28% are classified to low alumina fireclay bricks.
  • Good thermal shock and spalling resistance.
  • Good volume stability at high temperature.
  • High mechanical strength.
  • Alumina content in high Alumina bricks from 45% to 95% and service temperature up to 1900 ◦ C
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to neutral slag and meta penetration resistance at high liquid temperature.
  • Improved thermal shock and corrosion resistance at high temperature.
  • High density, high mechanical strength and good volume stability at high temperature.


  • Furnace construction
  • Blast furnace/ Hot blast stove
  • Steel foundries
  • Furnace in the nonferrous metal industry
  • Coke ovens and gas furnace
  • Glass industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Safety lining of ladle
  • Backup lining of boiler
  • Good for reheating furnace such as anchor brick and burner block
  • Transition and cooling zone of rotary cement kiln, lime shaft kiln, etc.
  • Bottom and door foundry air furnace and side wall of aluminum refining melting furnace, etc.