Refractory Services

As your refractory partners,  we understand each kiln  requires a specific and unique specification.

For over a decade, BST has tailored the refractory services to suit your project whether they are refractory demolition, installation, repair or rebuild.

Prior to the construction process, our experienced installation team is dedicated deeply into the details of the plan to seemlessly execute the installation plan.

BST’s refractory installation team strives to assist in the  selection of  the best refractory products for your specific application. With the most recent refractory construction procedures and techniques, we will successfully complete your refractory installation, no matter the size of your projects.

Our installation team aims to improve your safety, efficiency, productivity, and shorten downtime to build a strong relationship with our clients.



We provide the full loop of refractory services.


BST’s refractory installation team strives to assist in the selection of the best refractory products for your specific application.


We understand the importance of keeping your workflow run continous. Therefore, the Immediate Repairs from our techician will help you to minimize downtime.


Our specialist carry out removal, repair, and re-installation of equipment and furnace


We provide the demolition services delivering a safe, trusted and quality assured range of specialist enabling services within the refractory removal.

Our refractory services has served for wide range  of high-temperature industrial processes such as

  • Boilers
  • Furnaces
  • Reformers
  • Incinerators
  • Steam generators
  • Hoppers and cyclones
  • Power Plants


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To provide the excellent refractory services, BST has integrated the full loop of refractory installation procedure. In each step, our refractory specialist will carefully inspect the quality of the works  to meet our installation standards.

Our installation team are prompt to assist you for your upcoming refractory projects.